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Chinese Medicine in Hicksville, New York

For more than 40 years, Dr. Henry Lee has been practicing Chinese medicine at E.W. Natural Healing Acupuncture in Hicksville, New York, where he continues Chinese therapy in order to heal the body.

$20 Off Initial Visit for Acupuncture Service, Chinese Medicine in Hicksville, NY


Most insurance is accepted, so this is a great opportunity to renew your health.

Improve Your Health
Dr. Lee has been very successful in improving circulation, balancing nervous systems, regulating the endocrine system, fortifying the immune system, reducing pain and stress, increasing energy levels, and so much more.

Our Therapy Includes
• Acupuncture
• Chinese Herbal Medicine
• Chinese Nutrition Therapy
• Colon Hydrotherapy

• Chinese Chi-Qung


About Dr. Henry Lee
Dr. Lee's outstanding reputation as a diagnostician has brought clients as far away as California. He invites you to the center to experience the most exciting tongue and pulse check, one of his most renowned diagnostic tools.

His years working with acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbs integrated with Western medical research and hospital practice has led him to best understand your health problems and provide the most effective treatment.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today for your initial Chinese medicine checkup.